For Delivery Only

***Check out the Spring Specials page for our special delivery prices!***

 For delivery only, a minimum order of $500.00 worth of trees is required. 

After that, delivery is $100.00 for the first 40 miles and $2.50 per loaded mile after 40. 


Delivery & Installation

 ***Check out the Spring Specials page for our special installation packages and prices!***

For delivery and installation, a minimum of $1,000.00 (can be combined tree & planting cost) is required. Planting prices do not include the cost of the tree(s). Delivery is free with installation for the first 40 miles; every mile after 40 is $2.50. 

Planting prices differ based on quantity of trees and size of trees. 

Please see the chart below for specific installation prices. 

*Our installation prices include staking if needed, mulch and fertilizer.